Hey, I am Oguzhan. In reality, my full name is Oguzhan Selcuk Bulbul. You can call me as Oguz for short version, or Oz for shortest! :)

I like to define myself as an indie maker. Especially, I am doing my own projects most of my time right now. But, I study English Teacher at university. I never work as a teacher except for the internship. I made my internship at primary school, I teach English for 2nd and 3rd grade children.

While I was a teen, the internet interests me more than anything. I want to build websites, animations, applications, games. We were using some shitty web page builders (not even close to WordPress or Wix :)), and in that time we were adding weather info, currencies info, snowing effects and others to our websites for some mysterious reasons.

Also, I learn Adobe Flash. Huh! Who remembers now? I did so many drawings, stick man animations and small games with flash. And learn Action Script 3.0 + PHP as my first programming languages. Unfortunately, we are not using flash anymore, but it helps me to meet great people in that times.

I made a bunch of websites with PHP. I use spaghetti code, CodeIgniter, Laravel, and WordPress. Most of the time, I earn my life with WordPress. Yeah, I know some people don't like PHP and/or WordPress, but guess what? There are millions of dollars businesses in that category.

Lately, I learn Svelte and Svelte Kit. Switching from PHP side to that side. My projects stack mostly is like this: Svelte Kit + NodeJS + Prisma. Am I happy with it? Yes, most of the time :) Am I recommending it? Absolutely!

Time flies. And life brings me to the Phaser world lately. Because I still want to make games beside my other projects, I look for game engines. There are big players like Unity, but I don't want to spend my months to just learn the new program and programming languages. So I continue with JavaScript and Phaser JS as game engine.

It works pretty good, actually. I didn't get any complaint about my game's performance, so thanks Phaser.

Let's see what will happen in the future :)